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Dr. Friedman offers a complete range of gynecologic care. We do not offer surgical procedures but will refer you to one of out excellent gynecologic surgeons in the community if the need arises. Here are some of the areas she specializes in.


Teen Health

Our focus on teens means that we understand the demands and expectation that challenge teenagers today. We understand that young women want to be treated like the intelligent and thoughtful people that they are. We respect each teen's right to privacy and encourage education and communication with those that care about them. We help teens educate themselves about their periods, nutrition, weight control and contraceptive choices.


Well-woman exams

We offer general well-woman exams with a focus on maintaining good health throughout a lifetime. We also care for women with more complicated problems such as abnormal pap smears, pain issues, breast problems, abnormal bleeding, etc.


Menopausal Medicine

As more and more of us approach menopause may questions arise regarding options for control of symptoms. Many of us wonder what is normal and what we can expect in the coming years. We will work with you to meet the goal of maintaining good nutrition, a healthy weight, bone health and control of bothersome menopausal symptoms.


Sexual Health

Many gynecologists avoid talking to their patients about sexual health. This often occurs because the physicians themselves feel uncomfortable around this subject. Many, many women struggle with issues of sexual function during their lifetime. Whether it is pain with intercourse, dryness, libido problems or relationship issues we are interested in hearing what you have to say and giving guidance and resources.


Vulvar Diseases

Many women suffer for years with problems of vulvar pain, chronic itching or irritation. We have expertise in diagnosing and treating these conditions and work closely with the Pelvic Wellness Center to find the best treatment for you.